Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Product Description:

Are you being watched?
Don't be an unknowing innocent victim of porn sites and unscrupulous peeping toms!
Your privacy is at risk in places most private to you but totally exposed through the eyes of miniature wireless spy cameras!
In today's modern age of wireless technology, There is no longer any real protection offered by walls and doors. Mini spy cameras can be hidden almost everywhere! Public changing rooms, hotel rooms, public restrooms, SPAs, massage rooms, gyms, clubs, homes, rented accommodation, anywhere!

Lady Shieldbug is a wireless spy camera detector. Shieldbug is compact, light, handy, battery operated and simple to use, effectively scans for hidden wireless pin-hole spy cameras.
Similar in size to a car remote control, it fits easily into pockets, handbags, and purse.
Simply scan the area where you would expect privacy for your peace of mind and prevention of
you being spied on, videoed or photographed.

High sensitivity detection and isolation of RF signals
Minimal rate of false alarms from nearby base stations
No interference from/to mobile phones and wireless internet devices
Highly effective indoors and enclosed areas
Compact, light, trendy design
Dual warning indication

Size : 60mmX40mmX15mm
Weight : 25 grams
Material: ABS
Power : 1 X CR2032 lithium battery
Colours : Green, Yellow, Blue, Red
Detection Distance : up to 7 metres
Detection Frequency : 1.2GHz to 2.4GHZ
Warning Indication E : LED display & beep tone
Use Temperature y : -10C to 40C

How the SHIELDBUG works?
  • When a spy camera is detected a yellow light will start blinking
  • As device nears spy camera, the indicator turns red
  • Warning indication: LED lights up and beep tone sounds
  • Device will turn off by itself when left unused for about 2 minutes

Sales enquiries can be made via online SPYCAMERADETECTOR@HOTMAIL.COM